BBGlow and Titanium Dioxide The Truth and Myths

After visiting an annual teachers and advisers conference early this week having talks of innovation in education and training, I found myself and other teacher’s discussing various topics afterwards.

We discussed how easy it has become for people to acquire accreditation via online courses and become teachers over night!

We discussed cosmetic products (trends and ‘up and coming’ treatments) we also talked about unprofessionalism in the industry and how to deliver educational needs towards your students and explanations of courses (The good the bad and the ugly!).

How they would not only improve the customer increase in their salons by delivering new treatments but their business turnovers also.

So, after these talks and a few unprofessional giggles from us. This is the explanation that I feel you all desperately need and are looking for having so much confusion over this brand-new treatment!

The hype!... Do we have this treatment or don’t we? What is the issue with Titanium dioxide in this product “if any issue at all"!

Firstly, is BBglow an accredited course in the UK? Yes

Secondly is BBglow insurable?... Yes

Ok well if the above answers where no I’d suggest to anyone to walk away and stay clear.

However, the answer is YES… So, if it was so unsafe or it was going to make your face fall off in 5 years’ time, from my educational back ground the UK standards industry would not allow this to be an accredited or insurable course/treatment.

Myths of cottage cheese skin after treatment (I’d love an educational example of this!), how can this be so far different from other treatments that we give to clients? Or offer?

Ohhhh it contains” titanium dioxide”! That’s what the controversy is!

Ok let’s look at the treatment from an educator’s review. Well it’s not so much different.

BBGlow is;

Cleansing – Removal of dead skin cell, oil, dirt and make up left onto the skin. We use our own cleansing products for this procedure and recommend our students to carry on using the brand they are trained with or love for the clients. Removing with warm fresh water and sponges.

Exfoliation – Dependant on how you would like to exfoliate with mild or extra gritty exfoliants its totally up to you! Removing a few more dead skin cells restoring the natural glow on the outermost layer of the epidermis. Remove with warm fresh water and sponges.

Microneedling with a machine dr pen! Using micro needling serums and mesotherapy products that we use in so many treatments. Mainly vitamins and hydracolic acids. Microneedling with only 0.25 lowest setting and lowest speed. 0.25 is only home use size we are not even using aesthetic sizes that we would in a normal microneedle treatment ie 1 or 1.5.

We then leave the serum on for 2 minutes and wash away with clean warm water.

Applying the bb serum! Ok so I am assuming at this point is where the “titanium dioxide” comes into play or the “worst treatment for your face” or “stay way avoid ect ect”)

The BBGlow serum foundation is applied like a mask to the skin and the microneedle machine is used to apply product. However, no needles are used for this we use a small round plate to smooth and work foundation serum (not real foundation) into the skin! Only the epidermis layer. You see it’s a very mild treatment only 0.25 on the microneedling then pushing the product onto the skin! You then leave the foundation serum on for 2 minutes rise of with very mild fresh water and apply a lovely mask of your choice from vegan, to gold even one probably containing titanium dioxide if you haven’t read your ingredients! It’s that common. Or even the latest fashion casmara hydra peel off masks that contain yes you guessed it titanium dioxide!! You can then finish with a nice tone moisturise LED mask choice is yours.

Desquamation process happens in the outmost layer of the skin the epidermis. This means natural exfoliation and eventually we can shred the epidermis skin we have had the BBGlow in as its literally only goes into the epidermis.

Recommend a SPF factor (nearly all sunscreen contains titanium dioxide)

Treatment finished.

BBGlow serums have titanium dioxide in them yes, a slight % of it. Around 1.89 it needs to have because its an opacifier it makes things opaque! It’s in mostly everything we use!

Do you brush your teeth well toothpaste has titanium dioxide!

Do you have shellac nails? Well shellac has Titanian dioxide in it!

Do you get waxed? Well lycon Brazilian wax – Ingredient titanium dioxide!

Do you colour your hair? Ingredient titanium dioxide

Do you where make up? Yes, your guessing correctly channel, nars big names all have titanium dioxide.

Dermalogica sell products for your face containing titanium dioxide.

You see, you need titanium dioxide in some products, it is regarded as an inert non-toxic substance by many regulatory bodies and it serves several purposes in cosmetics. It is a white pigment, opacifier and sunscreen. It is regulated as a safe pigment, with no adverse effects when used in cosmetics, and approved by the FDA.

We don’t ever push training onto students nor seek approval of what we teach at iba or even how we teach.

Our constant return of students speaks for itself. And the re-training that we do with a high percent of students is because their last providers have not fulfilled their training needs or supported them.

This is not a semi permanent make up treatment there is no tattoo machines or blades, it has gained its name because BBglow serums are foundation colours to brighten your complexation and give even tone. Perhaps it has been advertised a little wrong. Even by myself. (will defiantly be changing my write up page on BBglow).

You choose if you want to learn BBglow its your future and your business.

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And Belfast Ireland!

I have actually really enjoy writing this blog and delivering this information.

All my love

Don x


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